curating Solutions to find (or rediscover) focus, flow, and excitement For your cause

  • Advise senior executives of nonprofits in the arts, healthcare and social justice fields
  • Certified as a Women Business Enterprise for NYC! Happy to jump in for set-aside opportunities.
  • Skilled in engaging the right teams to get the job done
  • BS - Vanderbilt; Executive MBA - University of Colorado; Certificate in Arts Administration - NYU
  • Nonprofit board experience and currently advise others. Was also a director with IBM for 11 years
  • Closed over $3B in negotiated agreements within a four year period
  • Highly recommended by clients, employees, and employers alike
  • Held first and second line management positions ranging from 5 to 75 employees
  • PTech Mentor, Berkshire Natural Resources Council trail builder, Partnership Fund for NYC advisor

In a nutshell

Yates Advisory LLC
In order to make lasting change in an organization, you need to bring people with you along the way.  Making your team a part of the solution leads to more sustainable results time and time again!     Robin A. Yates
In 2014 I launched Yates Advisory in order to enable senior executives of government agencies and nonprofits in the areas of arts, healthcare and social justice, to progress their missions. So far I have worked on great projects for the Metropolitan Opera, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, NYCLU, Legal Action Center, and RiseBoro Community Partnership, to name a few.

How did I make the jump from the corporate world to working with nonprofits? After an inspiring project in the Philippines where I saw first hand how my skills can directly impact peoples' lives and the organizations meant to support them, I decided the time was right to have a direct impact on the change I want to see in the world. In my 26 glorious years at IBM, I did everything from marketing, sales, and finance, to brand management, mergers and acquisitions, mega services negotiations and more. In my first year of Yates Advisory, I've already seen how these experiences uniquely qualify me to be an advisor to the real stars in our communities!  

How can you help?  I am in the market for more opportunities working with nonprofits in the areas of  social justice, healthcare and the environment.  If you know of any government agency and/or nonprofit executives who need a hand in meeting short or long term challenges, please sing my praises and send them my way!


  1. Sustained Collaboration Network, Sea Change Capital

    Chosen as a Technical Assistance Provider for nonprofits looking to develop partnerships, collaborations, or to merge.  Using my M&A and Strategic Partnership experience from my for-profit days, I help nonprofits figure out how to develop win-win-win situations (with the final win being for those they serve)!

  2. -
    Affiliate Consultant, Support Center

    Proud to be selected as an Affiliate Consultant for the Support Center, providing capacity building services to nonprofits throughout the NY/NJ Metropolitan areas.

  3. -
    Founder and CEO, Yates Advisory LLC

    Created my own business consulting to executives of nonprofits focused on the arts, healthcare and social justice fields. My services include, but are not limited to:

    • Strategic plan development
    • Project design and implementation
    • Organizational structure and motivation
    • Negotiations strategy and execution
    • Client requirements gathering
    • Executive Coaching

  4. Professional Coaching Certification, International Coach Academy

    Graduated in record time using skills developed by learning from experts locally (NYU Leadership Coaching) around the globe (WBECS - World Business Executive Coaching Summit).  Over 150 hours of coach training and 75+ hours of live coaching experience.  A great addition to my consulting skills, especially in this day and age.

  5. Criminal Justice Investment Initiative Provider

    Selected to provide Technical and Training Assistance to 50 peer organizations working in the Criminal Justice realm.  Chosen for Strategic, Operational, and Programmatic services to be provided over the next three years!

  6. Berkshire Kripalu Community - Board of Directors

    Elected to the Board of Directors and already using my skills to help set direction for the future, increase membership, and optimize resources.

  7. -
    Interim Executive Director Training, Support Center / Partnership in Philanthropy

    Honed my skills to take on the IED role and/or serve as a Transition Executive. Any non-profit going through a change in senior management could use an executive on loan to steady the ship and do the preparation work necessary to let the new ED hit the ground running! 

  8. -
    Director, Strategic Services, IBM

    Selected, negotiated and developed strategic partnerships with clients to establish long term, outcome-based services relationships.  A sample highlight was working with a Department of Education State Superintendent to institute a method to identify at-risk students in order to increase graduation rates.  A key to success was articulating the linkage to other state budgets like future tax revenues, criminal justice savings, and social services impacts. 

  9. Executive Service Corps - Philippines

    Selected to engage with city, province and country officials to develop more effective land use, transportation and governance policies in order to make metro Cebu more livable and competitive in the global marketplace.  This experience planted the seed for me to go out on my own and make a direct impact.

  10. -
    Rainmaker, IBM

    One after another after another... negotiated and closed deals with healthcare firms in the UK [$1.4B], Illinois [$138M], California [$880M], and Connecticut [$1.2B] all within a five year period!

  11. -
    Certificate in Arts Administration, NYU
  12. -
    Mergers and Acquisitions Executive, IBM

    Started this finance work in Paris, France, where I had the distinct honor of running around Europe with IBM's checkbook investing in Venture Capitalists and portfolio companies that were focused on our target emerging business areas.  

    Moved to headquarters in Armonk, NY to complete my M&A experience.  Worked on acquisitions and divestitures plus developed a potential new corporate structure for IBM assets.

  13. -
    ThinkPad Brand Manager - Europe, Mid East, Africa, IBM

    Managed all aspects of the ThinkPad brand across 42 primary countries.  Pricing, product development, marketing spend, press relations, sales... coordinating it all to double the industry growth rate, moving up to number two in market share, and growing the business by 70%.

  14. -
    Executive MBA, University of Colorado
  15. -
    Vanderbilt University, Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science, Economics and Math
  16. Outward Bound Graduate

    An experience that changed my life at the impressionable age of 16!  The way Outward Bound challenge the limits we set for ourselves, greatly impacted the way I approach any challenges I face in my life to this very day.

My mission

Provide insights and drive actions that help nonprofits build the capacity they need to succeed!

my offerings

  • Strategic Planning
    address short or long term challenges
  • Leadership and Mental Fitness Coaching
    Find the path to sustainable, powerful, action
  • Formulate Growth Strategies
    Identify and exploit market opportunities
  • Project Design and Implementation
    roll up the sleeves to execute on what works
  • Organizational Structure and Motivation
    get the most from your team
  • Negotiations Strategy and Execution
    partner effectively
  • Client Requirements Gathering
    discover internal and/or external needs
  • Transition Executive
    be the change agent to help your team through personnel or strategic TRANSITIONS

Clients Past and Present

  • The Metropolitan Opera
  • Visiting Nurse Services of New York
  • New York Civil Liberties Union
  • Legal Action Center
  • Justice in Motion
  • Mission:  Cure
  • Lustgarten Foundation
  • RiseBoro Community Partnership
  • Natural Areas Conservancy
  • Victoria Foundation / Schools That Can
  • 67th Precinct Clergy Council (a.k.a. "The GodSquad")

Show me the numbers...

  • $3B
    Closed mega Deals
  • 70%
    Yr -Yr Sales GROWTH
  • $27M
    Operational savings
  • 102%
    increase in subscribers
  • 211

Ask Robin

Why did you choose the arts, healthcare, and social justice fields?
It came down to one word...passion. After honing my skills at IBM, the time came to direct that experience towards causes that drive me day in and out.

How do  you choose the organizations and projects you take on?
First I look at the organization's mission... is this an organization I can get behind? Then, I review the project needs to make sure my skills and resources can be applied to drive great results.

Are you only interested in New York based projects?
Not in the least. I have traveled extensively (over 62 countries so far) for business and for pleasure.  I will take on remote projects for anywhere from one to six months.

Why should I choose to work with Yates Advisory?
Yates Advisory is a party of one with a great competitive edge. I take on projects where I can personally commit to seeing them through.  Though, as no "man" is an island, I also have the great help of a network of seasoned providers, as well as a "Who's Who" of advisors that would impress anyone focused on bringing about great change.

Articles & Testimonials

Yates Advisory Chosen for all THREE Criminal Justice Investment Initiative Pools!

The District Attorney of New York has a good deal of forfeiture funds ($250M) that are being put to good use!  In December 2018, an RFP was released to provide Training and Technical Assistance to over 50 peer, non-profit organizations making change possible for those within the criminal justice system. Yates Advisory LLC was selected to help these organizations build capacity in three key areas:  Strategic Planning and Design, Operational Efficiency, and Programmatic Support.  The team...

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